Our Sports Sciences Department Will Help You Reach Your Goals

Athletic Assessments in Falmouth, and Portland Maine

bwellhealth offers an array of tests to help enhance you or your child's athletic performance. We will assess and evaluate specific movements using the Optojump Next. Feedback will be generated and proper recommendations will be given to not only increase you or your child's athletic performance but give you/them the tools to prevent injury as well.

Below are some of the tests that we offer here at the office:

  • Comprehensive gait analysis
  • ACL Injury Prevention Screening
  • Speed & Agility Testing
  • Drift Protocol

Personal Training

bwellhealth understands the importance of returning to your full capabilities as soon as possible. Statistics have shown that early intervention contributes to a shorter rehabilitation process.

Our goal is to give you the opportunity to maximize the quality of your life by fully understanding your particular impairment and working with you to resolve or minimize the impairment and any subsequent disability.

Through our individualized care programs, patient education, and other services, we are able to help patients safely achieve this goal.

Custom Foot Orthotics

Orthotics are orthopaedic shoe inserts that are custom made to correct your specific foot imbalances. They gently force the bones and joints in your feet into their correct functioning position, reducing the strain on your feet. Walking, running and standing will all become more comfortable when you wear your orthotics.

The orthotics are made by taking a precise impression of your feet within a dense foam material. From this impresssion the orthotic, a flexible molded plastic device, is prepared.

The orthotics can be worn in most shoes, including running shoes, heels, dress shoes and casual walkers. They can also be made to fit into rollerblades, ski boots and ice skates. In most cases they can be transferred from shoe to shoe.

A Six-Step Orthotic Screening Process
1. Adjust the spine first.
2. Check for excessive pronation and supination utilizing the Optojump Next.
3. Collect objective and visual data of the gait (stance, swing, load response, L & R differentials, stride, etc...)
4. Analyze and consult data
5. Adjust the foot for the orthotic accordingly.
6. Explain the proper shoes to wear with an orthotic